Sunday, June 18, 2017

Quiet on the Mountain

It appears that things have calmed down among our small group of neighbors and it has been five days since we have had any water issues. We like it that way.

Beautiful color on a recent walk to check on the water source

Spain is in the midst of a heatwave and we have learned to embrace the long afternoon siesta time. Most days it is ill-advised to be outside between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. 

Temps this past week on the Iberian Peninsula

The loveliest time is after 9:00 when the sun has dipped below the hillside to our West but the sky stays light for another hour. We enjoy sitting outside in the cool dusk playing cards and listening to the sounds of nature closing down another day.

Cards at dusk

This is my last post from Spain for a few months. At the end of June we will return to the States to visit family and friends, to welcome our first grandchild, and to distribute many of the items we currently have in storage. We will also sell the car that we've kept there, now that it is clear that our home is in Spain.

In one sense this trip is a trip "back home," however, without our own house in the States, it doesn't really feel like going home. We look forward to visiting with friends and family, but it isn't a vacation either as we throw ourselves on the generosity of others while we accomplish a long list of must-dos.

With the on-going political disaster in the States and the daily reports of violence, injustices and gun deaths, from a distance it seems as if we are about to fly into the eye of a hurricane. Our love for friends and family draws us towards what would otherwise be a situation we would make an effort to avoid.

We are leaving just as the apricots and peaches are ripening. Chestnut trees are in full bloom and the pomegranates are starting to form. We have enjoyed generous crops of strawberries, cherries and mulberries; all from our own land.

Each night I talk to the peaches encouraging them to ripen before we leave

Looking forward to gathering chestnuts in autumn

Anticipating pomegranates in November

Today my blog has reached 6000 views. This astounds me as my intent originally was to share our lives with the few people "back home" who might find it interesting. 

I've discovered that the viewers do not include our children. I joked recently about all the attention we showered on the kids and how each piece of kindergarten artwork, every report card, found a place of honor on the refrigerator door, but they can't find time to read through a weekly write-up about our life in Spain. I suppose it shows their independence and lack of concern for us, and that is no-doubt a positive thing. Right?!

I am thankful for those of you who have found your way to the blog. I suspect that many readers come because of my announcement on Facebook of each new post, but I have readers from places where I do not have any acquaintances: the Philippines, Russia, Belgium, South Africa, Turkmenistan, and beyond. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read a post or two, and I welcome you into this window on our lives.

I will post once or twice from the United States to share our observations after a year away. Until then, thank you for the support and encouragement that I get from sharing our story with you.

Paz y hasta pronto.

One of the last remaining poppies of 2017


  1. We are looking forward to see you soon, hoping that your plans include a stay with us.. It is always a great joy to share your experiences from a distance and Laura's narration is a reality which gives pleasure to share.Muchas gracias Laura!!!A presto vederci... Carlo

    1. Thanks Carlo - seeing you and Shirley is part of why we are making the trip!

  2. I love these blogs. It gives me great hope to see your success there. How do you know who has read this and where they are from? I am looking forward to seeing you both in July. How long will you be on the island? Will someone pick your peaches for you while you are gone?

    1. Thanks Carol. We will be on Whidbey July 4-6. Looking forward to seeing you on the 5th or 6th. Yes, I think the neighbors will enjoy our fruit while we are away. 😊

    2. Ah- the blog homepage shows me the stats on viewers.

  3. Laura - Your blog is wonderful to read and the photos are superb to see. It's a much appreciated connection to Spain for me, especially since we had spent time in the Alpujarras last summer - in your 'very neck of the woods'! I'm thinking you might have to do a whole 'nother blog about your impressions on how you find the U.S. after having been away for a year! :)
    I wish you the best and will look forward to your next post.

    1. Thank You Nancy for your kind comment. I will certainly post on our impressions after a few days back in the States. Where in the Alpujarras were you?!

    2. We stayed at El Cortijo Balcain in the Sierra Nevada National Park, and did many outings and explorations in the Alpujarras and Granada.

    3. Lovely! Just over the mountain from our place 😊

  4. Great post and pictures - I told Sam you are holding 2 queens! Looking forward to seeing you in October.